Healthcare Risk Management and Monitoring of patient falls in Italian National Service. The experience of a Local Health Authority.

Igiene e Sanità Pubblica 2024; 89 (2)30-40

Simona Amato, Anna Aniuskevich, Anna Maria Lombardi, Francesco Amato



Falls are a widespread concern in hospitals settings.
In Italy, falls are the fourth frequent damage claim type after surgical, diagnostic
and therapeutic error and 90% of falls are avoidable. The first necessary action for the prevention of falls consists in identifying the possible risk factors, in relation to the characteristics of the patient and those of the environment and the structure that hosts him, in terms of safety, organization and adequacy of the process welfare. In this work we wanted to evaluate the extent, frequency and characteristics of the phenomenon of falls in the population hospitalized at the Local Health Authority called “Roma 2”, with the aim of analyzing the critical issues to allow the identification of possible preventive and improvement interventions as well as reducing the risk of falls.