Il distretto industriale di Vercelli-sud e il suo impatto sulla salute umana: studio di coorte (1985-2014)

Christian Salerno1, Anna Carmela Cucciniello1*, Ilaria Terenzi1, Lucio A. Palin1 ,Valerio Gennaro2

1OSAV (Environmental Observatory), Vercelli, Italy

2Cancer therapy department, UO Epidemiology, IRCCS Policlinico San Martino, Genova, Italy

L’associazione tra inquinamento ambientale e problemi di salute è ormai ben nota. Lo scopo di questo studio è quello di valutare come la presenza di attività industriali, in particolare quelle di smaltimento dei rifiuti, nei pressi delle zone residenziali delle città possa influire sullo stato di salute dell’uomo. In aggiunta cerchiamo di definire i possibili organi/sistemi bersaglio degli inquinanti delle attività industriali, e una possibile distanza dalle fabbriche alla quale un individuo è più protetto.

The Urban Area Adjacent to Vercelli City: An Epidemiological Study about the Health Effect of the South Industrial District – Death Causes Analysis in the Cohort from 1985 to 2014

The linkage between environmental pollution and human health problems is well-known. The aim of this study is to reveal how the presence of industrial activities, especially waste disposal activities, in the neighborhood of the residential area of the city could affect human health. Moreover, we want to define if there are preferential target organs/systems for pollutant derived from various industrial activities, and research a possible safe distance from the plant, from which an individual is quite safe.

This study confirms that environmental pollution caused by various industrial activities badly affects human health, causing cancer among other diseases. Living in the neighborhood of plants determine a great exposition to pollutants, that surely represent a chronic exposition to toxic; the residence factor is very important if considered time people usually spent at home specially with young children.
Overall, the analysis has highlighted several and relevant excesses in the exposed area that certainly deserve to be investigated with improved characterization of occupational and demographic factors (such as income). Finally, this study suggests the importance of living in a healthy environment such a quickly strategy to avoid contaminated site and so to maintain good health


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