The impact of the implementation of clinical risk management tools in Pediatric or Neonatal Intensive Care Units: a systematic review

Maria Lucia Specchia1,2, Alessio Perilli2, Andrea di Pilla2,*, Elettra Carini2, Nila Tofani1, Walter Ricciardi2, Gianfranco Damiani1,2

1 􏰂ondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, Rome, Ital􏰃 2 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Ital􏰃
􏰄 Correspondence: andreadipilla.adp􏰅

Abstract: Clinical ris􏰆 management is a 􏰆e􏰃 area in terms of healthcare qualit􏰃, especiall􏰃 􏰇ithin intensive-care settings and in the case of pediatric patients. The ob􏰈ective of this revie􏰇 is to assess the impact of tools for clinical ris􏰆 management in pediatric intensive-care settings. Pubmed and 􏰉eb of Science 􏰇ere queried to carr􏰃 out a s􏰃stematic revie􏰇, using the PICO methodolog􏰃 (􏰊une 2019). Primar􏰃 studies of applicative experiences of clinical ris􏰆 management that had impacts in pediatric intensive care units 􏰇ere included. A total of 11􏰋8 articles 􏰇ere revie􏰇ed and 20 􏰇ere included. Reactive ris􏰆 management tools 􏰇ere used in 10 studies􏰌 proactive tools in 􏰋􏰌 both reactive and proactive tools in 3. Sixteen studies out of 20 concerned drugs􏰌 other topics included: transition from hospital to primar􏰃 care, hand h􏰃giene, organizational aspects, human mil􏰆 administration.