Eméline 􏰈ogning Makem􏰉io1,2,Armand Tiotsia Tsapi2,3, Eric 􏰊éfo Tamgno2,4, Gh􏰋slaine 􏰌runa 􏰊􏰉eunang 􏰊ongho2,3, Georges 􏰃guefack-Tsague5, Carla Montesano1,2, Vittorio Colizzi1,2, Gianluca Russo3, Martin Sanou Sobze6.


Background: The pandemic situation the world is facing caused b􏰋 the new SARS-Cov-2 continues to evolve and still represent a real problem. 􏰐ith more than eight thousand reported cases infection, Cameroon stands as the seventh most affected countr􏰋 in Africa. Prevention remains the best wa􏰋 to fight against this zoonosis. 􏰁owever, the limited information available about this infection is a great barrier to stopping the propagation of the virus within the population, especiall􏰋 in rural and semi-rural areas, where the lack of financial and material resources is a realit􏰋. This stud􏰋 aimed to assessing Awareness and attitudes of the population of the Menoua 􏰊ivision on COVI􏰊-19 infection.

Methods: A cross-sectional stud􏰋 was conducted from March 9 to April 15 2020 amongst the populations of rural and semi-rural areas of the Menoua 􏰊ivision. 􏰊ata were collected using a questionnaire administered face to face to each participant. The anal􏰋sis was carried out using the Statistical Anal􏰋sis S􏰋stem software (SAS version 9.4). The significance threshold was set at a P value of less than 0.05.

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